Ashdon’s system of reporting is customized to each client, to ensure tracking of specific goals. Each report is focused around the client’s individual measures of success and designed to communicate progress in a manner that is clear to the client, and that is transparency into our investment management.

Reports Include

  • Quarterly performance reports customized to the client’s fiscal year
  • Performance summary for each investment manager by style, asset class and total portfolio market value
  • Benchmark comparisons
  • Manager peer-group rankings and style analysis
  • Risk profiles, including standard deviation
  • Overview of the managers’ current performance
  • Manager integrity monitoring
  • Review of economy and capital markets
  • Graphical display of asset allocation for reporting period, with allocation by asset class and as compared to investment policy targets
  • Percentage of total fund allocated to each manager
  • Financial statement reflecting beginning values and cash flows
  • Progress toward reaching specific missions and/or goals

Quarterly Commentary