About Us

At Ashdon, we put assets to work to support those things that are meaningful to the client. This means we perform rigorous analysis to help each client clearly identify and reach their goals, whether they involve continuing a legacy for loved ones or supporting their organization’s cause. Ashdon’s essence is grounded in providing leadership and guidance toward meeting financial goals, and in the alignment of client values and resources.

Ultimately, our process works to clarify financial decision making and simplify investing, removing emotion from the process. Individual investment strategies are built only after in-depth analysis of each financial situation and/or organization as a whole. We perform intensive research to construct portfolios that support your mission and goals while projecting multiple scenarios that put each client’s financial situation into the context of changing personal situations as well as the world around us. The result for clients is a peace of mind through today’s uncertain times.

We are an SEC registered investment advisory firm, independent of any larger organization, serving our clients without bias or conflict of interest. Our competitive and fully disclosed fee structure—a percentage of assets under management for all services—aligns our interests with those of our clients and offers no incentive or bias toward any particular company or fund.