Ashdon provides fully integrated financial services to family offices and private organizations.

Family Offices
We partner with clients to integrate all components of their financial big picture into their investment management plan. Our services may extend to anything that touches or affects our clients’ finances. Learn more.

Private Organizations
Ashdon partners with private institutions and foundations to share their fiduciary role, bridging a gap for often under-resourced financial departments. Learn more.

Ashdon’s long-standing relationships enable partnership with professional service providers to integrate all components of each client’s financial situation, helping each service provider to better serve the client, whether they are a family office or a private organization. We are also nimble and flexible enough to respect and work together with already established relationships within an organization or a family. Partners may include investment managers, trust and custodial managers, administrators, attorneys, estate planners, auditors and tax professionals.

We are an SEC registered investment advisory firm, independent of any larger organization, serving our clients without bias or conflict of interest. Our competitive and fully disclosed fee structure—a percentage of assets under management for all services—aligns our interests with those of our clients and offers no incentive or bias toward any particular company or fund.