From Our Founders

Letter From Our Founders

Our firm was formed in 2002, built on a unique collaboration of decades of solid investment experience and a unique structure. June’s decades of investment management experience is driven by her passion for helping clients achieve goals by providing strong leadership and the highest caliber of investment management. David’s more than 20 years of experience in quantitative analysis, as well as his and the team’s engineering backgrounds, add disciplined analysis to the firm’s processes. Our goal-focused mission and process are the direct result of this diverse combination of strengths, skills, and experiences.

We value every client and professional relationship and illustrate our commitment through responsiveness and respect. We take care of our clients, having earned their trust through many years of service, providing leadership and guidance toward meeting their financial goals. Committed to maintaining our entrepreneurial spirit and the highest level of quality service, we plan to control our firm’s growth. We believe that when teams are built from passion for reaching common goals, success follows naturally.

Our dedication to achieving solid returns over the long-term remains constant. Our acutely skilled research uncovers high-quality investment managers and investments, helping us to understand inefficiencies in the marketplace that yield intrinsic value. We offer complete transparency into our process and strategy. This is the heart of our practice and our investment strategy.

The result is peace of mind through today’s uncertain financial times.