Ashdon believes that markets will always be unpredictable and subject to volatility. Our philosophy is grounded in uncovering intrinsic, nascent value for our clients. Our success lies in identifying unique investment opportunities and then being patient as pricing inefficiencies give way to the release of value and profit. This is the core of what we do.

Our conviction in our intrinsic value philosophy is reinforced by our drive for going further and deeper into our research to validate the investment opportunities we identify. We believe our rigorous approach brings profits to our clients.

While understanding that market environments change and that successful investment managers must be nimble and responsive, Ashdon believes in working only with those who hold the same firm conviction in their philosophies and processes over the long-term, rather than chasing short-term performance. We believe that understanding what makes an investment management firm deliver solid, consistent returns goes far beyond metrics, and we work only with those managers with whom we have complete trust based on our own evaluations.

We do not believe in using pre-constructed investment profiles to create asset allocation plans. Each plan is built to meet client-specific needs and is adjusted to reflect constantly evolving scenarios. Our process is transparent, custom and dynamic. We build and manage client portfolios that are diversified across rigorously screened equity, fixed income and alternative investments. Each allocation is a carefully weighted and customized balance of calculated risk and long-term return.

We apply our philosophy to meeting our core goal of delivering significant investment returns and providing confidence and peace of mind to our clients over the long term.