Our decades of experience have resulted in the development of a process we call “Listen and Assess.” It starts with our getting to know what’s important to the client, learning everything we can about their financial structure. We then formulate an investment policy and build strategies that support their objectives. We make sure that our advice is aligned with each client’s financial and investing philosophy and that our implementation practices are synchronized with the client’s fiscal practices, charitable interests, and tax sensitivity. Ultimately, our process clarifies financial decision-making and simplifies investing for our clients.

  • Listen to and learn from all perspectives of the family or institution’s mission, goals, history, culture, financial plans, philosophical compatibility and current financial status. Ashdon’s staff is unassuming, inquisitive and thoughtful: we ask questions and listen intently.
  • Assess the whole situation, including all interested parties, policies, procedures, operations, investment strategy, asset allocation, reporting, etc.
  • Plan for success by aligning all aspects of asset management with client mission and goals. Ashdon builds customized investment portfolios using a thoughtful approach and taking into account each client’s mission, goals and timelines, as well as economic factors at large. Ashdon can begin with a client’s identification of mission and goals or provide customized analysis of a financial situation to help provide a clear financial picture of the family or organization as well as how it should best proceed to meet its desired objectives.
  • Implement the customized plan. Ashdon works with each family or organization to define specific measures of success, as well as potential obstacles. Our team of experts provides support, education, financial planning, investment management and more to ensure optimal results each step of the way.
  • Maintain the plan through ongoing dialogue with clients, due diligence, progress tracking, reporting, rebalancing, support, etc.
  • Re-Assess. Ashdon continually re-evaluates and adjusts client investment plans to ensure that they continue to meet clients’ changing needs.