Our research is targeted toward identifying asset classes and strategies that reflect a discounted valuation in the marketplace and suggest a future release of value. We understand how to best identify investment managers we judge as exemplary, and know how to allocate portfolios to profit from our findings.

Deep network.

Ashdon has a diverse range of contacts and deep familiarity with the investment world, as well as an established confidence within an extensive network that includes many of the world’s premier investment experts. Our relationships are free from conflict of interest, allowing for critical insight and a constant flow of objective information into our firm.

Rigorous due diligence.

We value our proprietary research, deep experience, and insight of our resources far more than database screenings. Our due diligence includes not only an analysis of past performance, but also an evaluation of operations and qualitative factors drawn from direct contact with managers and decades of evaluation experience. We have a solid understanding of what skills and capabilities are necessary to deliver solid results.

Manager selection.

We are deeply focused on making sound judgments on the fundamentals of how investment management firms can maintain their competitive advantage. We have developed robust capabilities for analyzing whether each investment management firm we consider will be successful over the long term, consistently, and through various market scenarios.

Ashdon does not invest where our research cannot access complete investment, accounting and compensation details with transparency. Our clients rest assured we’ll make sound, reliable investment recommendations on their behalf.